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Sam Fuller: De beste service verlenen als 20 miljoen klanten bellen

Why should people visit your speech at Multichannel Conference? What is the most important message you want to share with your audience?

Find out how UK Power Networks have to created interactions that are both engaging and useful in the moments that really matter for customers and businesses where we have no billing relationship.

What is the main customer service challenge for organizations?

Standing out amongst an ever increasing customer expectation of what great service is and being able to do this through a channel that is engaging and trusted.

How to deal best with big call traffic (in case of a huge energy failure)?

Through our partnerships we’ve developed a multichannel approach, ensuring that when customers do contact us through the channel of their choice we deliver a seamless interaction which provides updates and real time information with real clarity if things change.

What are features of customer service excellence for UK Power Networks?

There are three core elements to our service, being proactive to get information to our customers often before they even know about us, engaging in the moments that really matter to our customers and taking time to truly understand the customers experience through our wrap around service.

which customer care trend do we have to take more serious?

Channel Choice, ensuring that we don’t constrain our view of service to our industry but instead continue to look across all industries service offerings, channels, tools and approach. After all comparing our service to any other service they receive is often how customers will judge service.

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