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Olli Sirkiä: Gamification in successful call centers - a little competition never hurt anyone

Why should people visit your speech at Multichannel Conference? What is the most important message you want to share with your audience?

Gamification is an efficient way to motivate call center agents and sales people, but only if it is done correctly. There are some factors to consider before implementing gamification in your call center or sales team. Our best practices will help you identify gamification options for your teams.

What elements are crucial for the success of gamification in the contact center?

• Measurable metrics
• clearly defined business goals
• recognition for the progress and
• meaningful rewards for completion

Some people see gamification as non-productive (playtime at the office); why is this image wrong in your opinion?

Due to the rise of automated, data-driven systems, gamification has new power and potential. With the rise of multichannel, contact centers face new challenges with how they handle data, customers, and agents. Gamification is medicine for the pain of multichannel adoption and is particularly effective at shortening agent onboarding time and promoting quality data entry and the transfer of skills. Gamification really shines for making data fun and interesting by visualization. You can turn live data feeds into fun and engaging displays on TV, web and mobile. Looking at these screens only takes a few seconds but the effects and peaks in motivation last up to month.

What’s the main difference between serious gaming and gamification?

Gamification is: „The adaption of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts to drive desired behavior such as engaging and motivation people to surpass their goals.

There are various goals of gamification. Such as:
• Nurture your talents
• Keep star employees successful
• Integrate new team members
• Clear expectations
• Instant feedback + encouragement + recognition
• Expand your competitive advantages
• Make work more fun and interesting
• Help create focused motivation for complex or long-term tasks
• Reduce employee churn and paid absence
• Build a company culture of fun and friendly competitiveness

The only goal of serious gaming is having fun while playing the game and keep people playing those games. It doesn’t match well with business goals, it doesn’t last long. It can be used for some work break recovery fun but that’s it. The effects of serious gaming cannot be compared to those of gamification.

In which industries fits gamification best?

Gamification is a familiar tool for the leaders of sales and customer service teams from many different industries. 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using gamified platforms to boost staff engagement and support business growth. Gamification plays a key role especially for Millennials. Unlike previous generations, Millennials are not primarily motivated by compensation alone. They want a truly rewarding work experience that stimulates, challenges, and gives them room to learn and grow.

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